On Deaf Ears

by Bombs Are Falling

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released December 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Bombs Are Falling Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Free Ride
Things are never easy Never given, on a platter Challenges, we overcome We`ll get there, it doesn’t matter It’s not the same, for you The outside, can see what’s real Continue down the same old path Who gives a fuck, what others feel
You don’t even, want to try All you want is a free ride All the gain, without the pain All you want is a free ride Fact is you don’t understand Actions must start with plans There is no way, we’ll stand aside All you want is a free ride
Nothing ever changes One just rolls, into the next It’s not the same, for me Gonna push, till nothing’s left There is no, hedging bets Give everything, that we’ve got You won’t find me, giving up
You will never, take the lot
Track Name: All That I Know
Time and patience In this place, is wearing thin Fighting battles, all the time Not giving in Time for me, to find a place For my own To call home I need a home
All that, I know
Life is going, way too slow All that, I know We’ve got nowhere, else to go All that, I know
This is more, that just for show It’s all, that I know We’ve got nowhere, else to go
There is no way, of changing What I’ve become It’s all consuming, in my veins Not giving up
Current state’s left me With no shade of doubt I’m in, too deep
I can’t get out
Track Name: We Won't Go
We’ve come too far, to go back now Time to set fire, to this town Sick of all, your fancy toys Time for us, to make some noise
Hell no, we won’t go We are too fast, you are too slow We will fight you, toe to toe Hell no, we won’t go
There is no way, to move us on Movements been round, for way too long Had enough, I want to fight it Time for us, to start a riot
All you do, is talk your shit Images, we do not fit. All we want is to be heard Punk is more, then just a word.
Track Name: Title Fight
Last round, bell has gone Been away, for far to long Now we’re up, back and swinging This is the time, when we start winning Off the matt, back with vengeance You’ve had your shot, with no defence This is our turn, is our fight We’re good to go, it’s time to fight
You can never stop us They will always drive us Title Fighter We want the big show
We are always fighting There is no denying Title Fighters Belief is all we know Were the prize fighters With the desire
Title Fight We will, we will never go
Winning the fight, its going our way In your face, we won’t go away Time to deliver, that knockout blow
It’s not an act, not for show Full speed ahead, full head of steam So pumped up, you can’t believe Fists held tight, ready to deploy Target locked in, seek and destroy
Track Name: One Chance
If I had it, all again I would do it, all the same I could not hold, onto regrets I’d only have, myself to blame Gonna take, what I’m given Give my best, with what I’ve got Some will say, that it’s not much At least I gave, it a shot
One chance, One chance One shot, One shot That is, All we’ve got
You fight, You fight You try, You try Never gonna, Never gonna wonder why We’re here, We’re here No fear, No fear
Now were moving In top gear It’s ours, It’s ours It’s time, it’s time Time for me,
Time for me, to take what’s mine
Can’t change the way, we look at things Don’t dwell, what could have been There is no point, in wasting time So many things, come unseen
There is no way, of sitting back Letting life, just pass you by We came, we saw, we’ll fuck you up Were the ones, you can’t deny
Track Name: Toughest Lessons
where to fall, I’m standing tall Life has really, dealt it all Go to school, to learn so much Still it seems, I’m out of touch Heartache and loss, they won’t teach you
Or how to cope, or what to do Sent out the door, go find your way Why do we trust, what they say?
Things are not so simple Which way, do you look? Toughest lessons, learnt in life Won’t be found, in a book The world is going, to pass you by If you stand, around and look Toughest lessons, learnt in life Won’t be found, in a book
What’s the solution, to current existence Never listening, to what they tell us
Use your mind, think for yourself Easy to believe, everyone else Don’t stay inside, your comfort space
Searching for, a better place Never listen, to what they mention Time to step up and ask the question
Track Name: Cannonball
Out of control, cannonball No where to turn, nowhere at all Destructive path, just follows you Everything, that you do Try so hard, to escape the pain Driving those, round you insane Resolution, you’ll never find Only helped along with time
Cannonball x 3 Out of control, Cannonball
All the same, no change in pattern Map of life, it’s bound to happen Keep on going, have a try Or you will be, the next to die Drug of choice, or even booze What’s the point? Nothing to loose Got no place, no place to hide There’s people on, the other side
You could turn out this way (Or will you seize the day) You could turn out this way (Or will you seize the day)
Track Name: Doubters
Always told, it’s going no place Now it is, my saving grace Too loud, too short, without the talent
I will not listen, I will not have it Fighting those voices, inside my head
Fact is that, you never cared Going to get there, in spite of you Despite all the shit, that we’ve been through
Doubters, everywhere Doubters, I don’t care Doubters, All the time I don’t care, won’t be denied
Doubters, get out the way Doubters, it’s time to pay Doubters, all the time I don’t care, won’t tow the line
Easy to sit, behind the keyboard Put on an act, you’re really a fraud We can read it, on the screen Stop cutting me down, from living my dream I know that, I’m not like you I do not care, for what you do Going to get there, in the end
All we seem to do, is defend
Track Name: Something To Rely On
A faith, a dream Something, you do believe A thought, a hope Something, to help you cope Inside, I cant explain Same thought, inside your brain A plan, an idea One day, results appear
Got something to rely on Now we’ve found a direction Got something to rely on Now we’ve found a way We once, did have nothing But now, we’ve got something So now, we stand here strong It’s time, time to bring it on
A goal, a finish line Something, that’s only mine An aim, a destination Stay tuned, to this station Hold tight, to what you feel One day, this will be real A place, a path to take Our drive, is hard to break
Track Name: Bombs Are Falling
Botched up plan Afghanistan
Drop bombs, invade, without a plan Scare tactics, fear, a war on terror
Years in time, will scar us forever.
Bombs are falling all around
WMD`s cant be found People in charge don’t have a clue What is this world, coming to?
Targets are painted, on our backs Bombs are falling, the bombs are falling Truth is falling through the cracks
When will this madness ever change? Its time for things to rearrange
Young and dumb, with no idea They say they’re right, I’m not a believer Don’t see the leaders, carry guns Just throw out orders, killing everyone
Killing, killing everyone
Track Name: Want More
Times are changing It’ll never, be the same Were gonna take, what’s ours You’ve only got, yourself to blame There is no option You had your choice Gonna, get there soon Time for you, to hear our voice
So we won’t settle We will fight This is our turn The past is, set to burn We’ll take what’s ours Your time is through Time for us, to fix the score Plain to see, we want more
Your days are numbered I’m gonna take, what is mine Questions everywhere And answers, I want to find There is no, turning back Can’t take a detour Won’t accept, nothing less
Effort will endure
Track Name: Bigger Things
How will we, be remembered What will be, our legacy What sort of place, will we pass on It’s up to, you and me Future, generations Paying back, ballooning debt Is it all, going to shit?? A decaying planet
There’s bigger things, to worry about Then what religion, you are Bigger things, to worry about Then what nation, you are from Bigger things, to worry about So many, left behind
Bigger things, to worry about Then you & I
Ignorance, to the issues Only care, about yourself All we hear, is complaints There is no thought, for no one else The wars keep, going on
Its obvious, there’s more to come Who knows, where we’ll end up?? Boooom goes, the atom bomb